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New Site!!!

Hi guys!

Please come to my new site…


I will not be updating this site after this post!

Thanks to you all for your continued support!!!


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…MOVING… right along!

Good morning friends!!

The inspection went fantastic, only one extremely minor thing to be fixed. When we got over to the house last Saturday, the Seller was there and said he was not told that me and C would be there or he wouldn’t have stayed. He was a little rough around the edges at first but seemed to loosen up a bit by the end of the inspection. It sounds like a bitter divorce may be the reason for the sale of the house so I understood his attitude a little more. Sorry sir.. but it is time for you to go cuz WE ARE BUYING YOUR HOUSE!!! lol  Next step is the appraisal!! It will be done sometime this week. Per our lender, he does not see anything to really slow the process down and we are scheduled to close ON TIME!!! We are set to close on 4.27.12!!!! That is only 20 days from today woot woot!!!   For our apartments, we had to give a 60 day notice that we are moving which is crazy to me since we have been paying month to month ever since our lease ended but whatever it actually kind of works out better for us. The couple has to be out of the house May 2@5pm and then we can start doing the little changes we want to do to the house and moving things in at our own pace. Right now we are planning on laying hardwood floor through the whole house (including all bedrooms), I want to paint the master room a little different shade of green (to match a comforter set I am in LOVE with) and the bar is a weird green (and I love green..) so I want it to be red since my kitchen is done in black and red with ladybugs!! Also my bro-in-law is going to paint a huge tree on the nursery wall for me too (can NOT WAIT)! So with all this painting to be done… I can not be in the house anyways so the 60 notice really works to our advantage!! We have to be out of the apartment May 31!!

Ok, today I am 14 weeks and 2 days! I got some special lotion for my belly as it is starting to grow. To be totally honest, with the way I have battled my weight my whole life I am no stranger to stretch marks but I want to try to not get too many new ones. I have a major issue with the smell of cocoa butter ever since I had my breast reduction 6 years ago. I used cocoa butter daily on my scars and the smell almost makes me gag now. LOL I found a new ‘belly butter’ to try and I LOVE IT!!!

It is made by Bethanny Frankel.. the SkinnyGirl line… it is called conditioning belly butter! It has cocoa butter and vitamin E. I was anxious to open this to see how he smell was going to be and I was pleasently surprised… smells like icing LOL I can totally deal with that…

Looks a bit like icing too!!! LOL

When I got to work yesterday morning I was surprised with a little Happy Easter sucker on my desk from a coworker…

Hehe Thanks TA!!

Today C and I have several errands to run. We are going to look at paint chips, flooring and then do some packing too!!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!! Happy Holidays!!


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Inspection day!!

So excited that the seller’s of the house we want accepted our counter offer!! We have the inspection set up for today at 4:30!!! I hope everything goes great and there are no hiccups and we will move forward with closing!! 🙂  We are going to look at refrigerators today before we head to the inspection just to get some ideas of what we want for the house!!

This week, I had my first testing for downs syndrome with a perinatal specialist. Talk about a fancy office WOW!! The Dr was super nice but I was not all that impressed with her team. But anyways, the Dr said that just based on the sonogram pictures, my risk for downs syndrome was basically negative but blood work is also being done and I will see her again in 4 weeks to take another look.

Sweet little profile!! This was 12 weeks and 6 days! Today I am 13w2d and the baby is the size of a lemon! HEHE  My next apt is 4.11 and may get to find out what we are having!!! I have a really cute idea for our gender reveal and I CAN NOT wait to share it!!! We have our names picked out already for either gender and a lot of you may already even know them. 🙂 I am not the best and keeping things I am so excited about a secret.. (just ask my cousin Jill, how many times she got her bday or Christmas present early LOL)

Another exciting thing for me today is I AM DYEING MY HAIR!!! It has been since right before Christmas that I dyed it last. Some Drs say you can dye all throughout your pregnancy but it was my personal choice to wait till the end of my first trimester AND I am dying it today!!! Needs to be cut too but the roots are unbearable LOL

My allergies are kicking my butt so bad that last night I actually had to sleep in my recliner… 😦 but I feel a lot better today and much more rested just have deep nasty cough but I can breathe a lot better WOOT!!

This week the girls at work got together and had a special shirt made for ourselves and our coworker that was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year… we surprised her Tuesday by all wearing them and then we gave hers to her!

The girls did a great job designing the shirt!! I am honored to wear it to support Moj!!! This pic doesn’t show how bright pink the writing really is but it is actually HOT pink!

I’ll let you all know how the inspection goes and if we moved forward on the house!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


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Another offer and great dinner club night and movie

Yesterday was a super busy day for me and C!

We met with our Realtor and went to see 7 houses we had never seen then back to our second choice from last week! I am so glad that I decided for us to see that one again because it became our #1 pick yesterday. SOOOO we put an offer on it and we should hear something Monday!!! Fingers crossed!!! 🙂

Last night we had dinner with our Dinner club and then went to see the movie The Hunger Games! This was me and C’s turn to pick the restaurant… we went to the new Abuelo’s that just opened near us, a few weeks ago. It was really good!! Our waiter left a little to be desired but he did at least try… he did not have the answer to every question we had but he did find out the answers. (One question asked, did they use lard in their tortillas .. the answer was no).

Our table was close to the bar and kitchen so we had a ton a traffic constantly walk beside us, but it was not bad.

I thought this light was pretty cool!

When they brought out the chips and salsas we were surprised with 3…

The top one (green) was by far my favorite, it was a kiwi, pineapple, cilantro (which I do not love) and lime!! It was really yummy! The bottom left was a fire roasted salsa and the one on the right was pretty much your standard salsa. I had a chili relleno with papas(smashed red new potatoes with cheese instead of rice) and beans.

After we finished our meals and got the checks, our waiter told us we could stay as long as we wanted… pretty much indicated that he was tired and did not want anymore tables. At that point his mediocre service made perfect sense.  🙂 We sat there a little longer talking and then headed to the theater.

I have been excited about The Hunger Games since the first time I saw the preview… I got the first book for Christmas and read a little of but since we found out we are prego.. I started reading a couple different prego books and haven’t picked up the Hunger Games again but I totally plan too!! I really liked the movie! It is quite long but I got to sleep in!

I am really looking forward to this week ahead… hopefully tomorrow will bring great news or even a decent counter offer! On Wednesday I go for my testing for down syndrome on the baby they will do blood work and also a 3d/4d ultra sound. It is also most likely that we will find out what we are having!!!! HEHE I can’t wait!!!

Time to do some laundry… weeeeeeee LOL

Next post I will let you know about the house/offer and possibly if we are having a little girl or boy!! WOOT

Bring on the week!!!

Have great day friends!!


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Greatest long weekend ever!

WOW we had a very exciting and fantastic weekend!!!

Started off with my Dadoo, Ritay and baby bro Jonathan, arriving on Friday afternoon! We had dinner at Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe and visited and set our plan for the weekend! As most of you know we have been house hunting and time is going quick as I am a couple days shy of being 3 months along, so we set up to look at a house on Saturday morning and from that we ended up seeing 6 more houses on Sunday! We actually even made an offer on one we really loved… C did all the hard part… I just signed where I needed too 🙂 and Dadoo was right by C’s side to help him better understand any curve ball that was thrown our way!! Sad to say tho that after today that the house does not appraise for near what the sellers say they ‘have to have’ so we will walk away from this house and continue the search for our new home!!! I have no doubt we will find a great one!!

Dadoo and Rita gave us the cutest basket of goodies!!

Rita did a grea job making this basket!!!

GREAT things!!! And even a DVD of one of my favorite shows growing called the ‘Shirt Tales’!!!! HEHE yea.. she rocks!!!

We walked around the Stockyards Saturday and it was loaded with tons of peeps decked out in their green for St Patrick’s Day. It was a lot of fun. We ate lunch at the Love Shack. Dadoo said his burger was the best burger he had ever had! Rita picked us a great place for lunch that day for sure!! Saturday night we had dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse! We had the most awesome Waiter ever!! Jonathan even got a free desert and just like his big sister (me) he took a pic…

LOL he did good I must say!! Kudos lil bro!!

On Sunday, we went over to my in-laws house and had a little get together with the fam minus a few folks. My mother-in-law made me a really cute cake…

hehe the babies floating on clouds!!! 🙂

She also had the cutest balloon for us…

Kinda looks like C haha!!

and I can’t leave out the cutest socks ever…

haha I sure hope we have a little girl … cuz I will so put these on a little boy too hahaha

Well it has been a long day getting back in the groove of things and I think its time for bed!!

2 more days and I will be 12 weeks along!!! WOOT!!

Have  great rest of the week!!


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Snoogle what?

Short little mid-week post!

Today C and I went to my Dr appointment got to see some real excitement!!! Baby P was wiggling all around almost like putting on a little show! It was the coolest thing since seeing that tiny little heart beat!!!

Based on today’s measurements I am 10 weeks 6 days… and that changes the due date to 10.4.12 WOOT!  So tomorrow I will be 11 weeks along!!!

HEHE Baby P turned and waved for the pic!!! I keep watching my video of all the wiggling and it makes me smile like I have NEVER smiled before!!

Do you know what a Snoogle is? Well I’ll tell ya… it is only the coolest body pillow there is…

Mine arrived today!!! I have heard and read fantastic things and I can NOT wait to go to sleep tonight!! LOL

SNOOGLE !!!!!! I ordered mine from Amazon because even with a coupon for Buy Buy Baby, Amazon rocked a cheaper deal! I got a cover too…

Sage green Snoogle cover to match my bedding… I haven’t put the green cover on since it has a cream/white cover already.

Well just thought I would say hello and give a little update!!  Have a great rest of the week friends!!!!



Great week/end ahead

Good morning friends!

Lots of excitement coming up next week I CAN’T WAIT for next weekend!!! Just sayin’! … I’ll get back to that…

Let’s stick to this week first… this seemed soooooo longggg LOL probably because I am so looking forward to the next week but anyways. Dadoo called and asked me and C if we wanted to use my baby bro’s (he’s 11 now) crib and changing station?!?! His crib was so BEAUTIFUL!! I imediantly said YES please!!!! It is a Bronze wrought iron and just gorgeous and we will be honored to use it!!! Dadoo sent me a pic of the changing station…

SOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!! CAN. NOT. WAIT… to set up a nursery… just need a house LOL I have decorated it in my mind a million times!!! Hope it all comes together once we do have a house LOL

I got a coupon from Buy Buy Baby in the mail yesterday so last night we decided to go walk around and look at some things… I have known for a while a couple things that I really want. I don’t know if you are familiar with the brand Stokke (pronounced STOKE- AH) but  there several things this company makes that I LOVE!!!! I really want their high chair (Tripp Trapp) and their stroller! Yesterday I got to see in person (not just websites) the items I have fallen in love with from this company and it totally confirmed my wants.

Tripp Trapp awesomeness!! The concept of this just makes perfect sense and the color choices are great!!! If you haven’t ever seen or hear of Stokke… you def need to check it out! And here is the stroller…

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the Stokke Xplory… !!!!

I did find a frame I HAD to have from Buy Buy Baby, especially since next week when I go for my sonogram we will get to arms and legs…

hehehe I can’t wait to see what my little ‘kumquat’ will look like in this frame. I am 10 weeks today!!! This week baby P is the size of a kumquat… I know what that is but I have never eaten one before… I have been told they are sweet. I have still been very lucky and not had any morning sickness at all… a couple times I have gotten very nauseated but that was it… and only like 3-4 times!

So, have you seen all the pics and hype about brooms standing up on their own? Well, I have seen tons of my friends pics of them and still have not figured out what the deal is about it but C stood ours up this week… LOL

I supposed I could have straightened out the dish towels before I took this pic but.. oh well! You can’t read the one but it says ‘What happens tonight will end up on Facebook tomorrow’ LOL my mother-in-law gave me that a while back. HAHA Anyways C got the broom to stand just like all the pics I have seen… so weird!!

Tonight, we are having dinner with some friends and then watching a movie and from what I have heard… an awesome homemade Raspberry Lemon Cake will be for desert!!

Looking forward to Wednesday… and having my next sonogram and then on Friday my Dadoo, Ritay and Jonathan will be here!!! So excited to see them!!! I am sure this week will go by even slower than last week just because I am ready for the next weekend LOL  Well I am gonna get my day started… lots to do before dinner tonight!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!



LONNNNNNNG week but a good one!

Today I am 9 weeks!!

The baby is no longer considered and embryo but is now a FETUS!! WOOT!! Last week the baby was the size of a medium sized green olive… this week … baby is grape sized LOL still CAN’T wait to go for the next sonogram!!

I found a shirt that is so funny… and I need one LOL

hahaha I love it!!! I have seen some really funny and cute Prego shirts. I definitely want a couple!

How was everyone’s week? Mine was longggggggg or at least it seemed to be long anyways. We got a ton of stuff done in the garage last weekend and sorted out so much garage sale/Goodwill stuff. Don’t be fooled there is still a longggg way to go but it IS moving along!! Not sure what we are gonna do today … some laundry, house cleaning… and oh such fun stuff LOL I’m still just so sleepy all the time and ready for my energy to come back. From everything I have read though last week and this week are the ‘most fatigued’ feeling weeks.

I am getting pretty excited tho that in a couple weeks my Dadoo, Ritay and baby brother are coming to visit!! I CAN’T WAIT to see them!!!

Yesterday there was some bad storms and awful weather back in my home town. A tornado actually even hit my old Highschool. Luckily there were no injuries and all my friends and family are safe. I did hear of a several old school friends that had some horrible damage to their homes but their families are ok! Thinking about you all back home!!!

Earlier this week I was surprised with a new door mat from my Jillian…

heheh I LOVE IT!!! Thanks Jillian!!

Well I suppose it time to start my day!

Have a great day and weekend to everyone!!!



2 Months? Already? WOAH!

So glad the weekend is here! How about you?

C and I had another GREAT week.  Wednesday was my second sonogram to check on that ‘blood sac’ and guess what IT WAS GONE!!!!! WOOT WOOT!! That was the greatest news EVER!!! Then we saw the heartbeat again and heard it again and WOW was it louder and stronger and faster!! On the first sono it was 107 bpm and on the second sono it was 153 bpm!! My doc is extremely happy with my progress and I am cleared for the next 3 weeks with no Dr appointments or even blood work until March 14th!!!  All my levels are good and I could NOT be more HAPPY than I am right now!!! On the next sonogram we should get to see my little ‘raspberry’s’ arms and legs!! 🙂 After measuring how much Baby P has grown over the last week, I am now 8 weeks along today … 2 MONTHS!!! Woah! So crazy! The new due date is now 10.06.12!

There is our little ‘blueberry’ … I was 7w 4d at this sonogram! C figured out also that on Wednesday… and with our new EDD of 10.6 it was 7 months 13 days left… HEHE

The only NOT cool thing I learned at the doc is that I have an ear infection.. ugh…! My allergies are so sensitive to any change in the meds I take for them. I was taking Zertec and using a prescription nose spray for the last year or so and that has been perfect. When I found I was prego tho I stopped the Zertec and changed to Claritin because my list of meds that are ‘ok’ to take while pregnant did not say Zertec. I also stopped my spray.  After my first sono appointment and meeting of my Dr, I found out that I CAN take Zertec! WOOT Ok,  so this past week my ear started to hurt me so much and radiated into my teeth so bad I had trouble chewing. So my Dr looked at my ears when I was there Wednesday. My left ear is good and my right eardrum looked angry she said HAHA so I am using Cipro HC drops twice a day and WOW do they work great. I also found out I CAN use my nose spray again so HOPEFULLY my allergies will chill back out now!!

I slept in today and that felt great!! Last weekend we ended up NOT working in the garage like I really had hoped we would be able too… but it rained all day Saturday and then Sunday… all I wanted to do was sleep! So today the weather is supposed to be pretty and not too chilly or too warm! So I will try to accomplish quite a bit out there today until I need a nap LOL I am so not used to being so sleepy all the time. I know my energy will start to pick back up in a few weeks and from everything I have read once I am through my first trimester, the energy should start to show back up! WOOT

Thursday I went to dinner with Jillian! We went to Red Robin and had a great time!! We talked and laughed and enjoyed a great dinner!! I’m not a huge burger fan but when I am craving one.. Red Robin is the place I want to go!!! Thanks Jillian for a great nite!!

Well C is up!!! And it is time to get my butt out to the garage and make some headway out there!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


Lazy Sunday and AWESOME Zucchini dish

I have done nothing too exciting this weekend except get a LOT of rest… I took a 3 hour nap Sat and also today. Doc did say to get lots of rest!! 🙂

Pinterest struck again…  I love Zucchini and especially love finding new and different ways to eat it. I ran across an Italian Zucchini recipe the other day and we tried it tonight!!  The recipe called for Italian seasoning and says it tastes like pizza but I skipped that part and just used salt, pepper and garlic powder. WOW!!

Here is what you need:

3-4 Zucchini

4-5 Tomatoes (Roma)

Mozzarella cheese

salt, pepper and garlic powder

Directions: Preheat oven to 400. Slice Zucs and make a layer in the bottom of the dish, next layer is Tomato slices, then add salt, pepper and garlic powder and sprinkle with Mozzarella cheese (amount is at your discretion I LOVE CHEESE). Then start layers again, Zuccs, Tomatoes, salt, pepper and garlic powder then top with more Mozzarella cheese. Bake for 15-20 mins depending on how soft you want your Zuccs you may want to bake for 25 mins! Cheese will be brown and bubbly and YUM!!!

Zuccs and Roma Tomatoes

First layer of  Zuccs

First layer of  Tomatoes

Salt, pepper, garlic salt and Mozzarella Cheese **layer again

Looks good.. perfectly brown and bubbly

OOOO EEMMM GEEEEE was this good!!!! Def will be doing this again!!

Hope you try it and enjoy it too!!